Sunday, 20 January 2013

why buy a shed, garden bar or playouse from us?

Why buy from Aardvark Joinery??

Aardvark joinery was established in early 2010, a product was required to suit our needs but after extensive searching, nothing could be found with the specifications that where required, after building this one design it was quickly noticed and sought after, from that one design we grew to having over 50 designs in animal housing, garden sheds, play houses, stables, log stores, garden bars, and offer a bespoke design, supply and fitting service

Aardvark Joinery supply a wide range of leading products all built with buyers at mind, currently priding ourselves on building custom products specially designed for customers at mind, if you don't see a product you want? Contact us as we are sure we can design any item you are after...

kids playhouse sheriff jail wendy house


We have a goal which is to supply the individual with a product tailored to their specification. Standard models are not the only option you get to choose from when buying from us, we change and design our products to exactly how you want them, no matter how big or small the ideas you have….


A greener environment is one aspect that is very important to us, we are currently located within the premises of a traditional run local timber yard, all our materials are milled right here within walking distance of our workshops keeping transport to the minimal, we have no waste products to dispose of because even the shavings from all our products and materials are bagged up and used as animal shavings making for an environmentally friendly run business.

Here at aardvark joinery, we don’t have a budget range, Just a quality range, at budget prices… all our products are designed to give you great quality at the best prices the market as to offer, we pride ourselves on giving the best products we can, at the best prices.



As a way to say thank you to our loyal followers, we have giveaways, often on a monthly basis, anyone who follows us on our social media sites, can enter and be in with the chance to win a prize, often with the value of £200+ :)

The more shares, likes and mentions we get, the more times we can have giveaways.

Doing this is our way of helping people for helping us, we see this way more vital to us at getting interest in our business through social medial, instead of that using paid advertising, this is where we save the money and use it to have giveaways, so everyone is better off….

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Our current designs are currently in excess of 60+ and will soon be increasing more with our latest designs we plan to release in the following months, our main products that currently seem to be our main sellers are bellow, each picture is also a link, so you can jump straight onto our website and take a full look at our range…



Monday, 14 January 2013

Garden bars and bespoke corner bars

Garden bars are what +Aardvark Joinery  will be pushing this year, the ideal way to make your garden stand out.

Whether you want to transform a seldom used corner of your garden into a beautiful space for relaxing after a long day, an exciting area in which to entertain guests or an alfresco dining area, we can design and build the perfect bar for the space, we offer a full delivery and fitting service giving you a bespoke custom design that will give years of enjoyment.

corner garden bars are the ideal way to make most of a space, our design is shaped to make the most of a corner, space that would otherwise be never used, we are always looking for more designs and ideas from our followers and customers, working together we can design, build and supply the perfect garden structure.

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Monday, 3 September 2012

Design a chicken shed

What is an ideal chicken shed? nest boxes on the outside? sliding bob holes, and sliding windows for ventilation? what would you add onto your chicken shed?

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Monday, 27 August 2012

Chicken houses, are you looking for a custom built design to your needs but cant find one? got some ideas that we could design from?